Teens Dead In Carbon Monoxide Accident

A carbon monoxide detector would have prevented this tragedy.   Such a waste :-(.

From KRQE, in Roswell New Mexico:

ROSWELL, N.M. {KRQE} – Police believe two Roswell teens accidentally killed themselves. Mike Hillman and Jesse Andrus were rodeo stars in Roswell.

Cindy Blake’s daughter went to school with the Goddard High seniors.

“They were just three weeks from graduation,” said Blake.

The two took part in bull riding, bareback and saddle bronc competitions across the southwest. The boys went to Phoenix last weekend to compete in a rodeo there, but did not come home like they were supposed to.

A spokesperson for Mike Hillman’s family said police tracked the teens using G.P.S. on one of the boy’s cell phones.

The phone led Scottsdale police to the teens’ pickup truck, parked in a grocery store parking lot. Police have not officially announced the identities of the two bodies found inside the camper shell, but the families said they are sure it is Mike and Jesse.

Investigators said it looks like the teens stopped for a nap before driving home. Police believe the pair of 18 year olds died from carbon monoxide poisoning, after running a generator in the camper shell.

“It’s horrible, it’s a tragedy,” said Blake. “I don’t know why things like this happen.”

An announcement was made Monday afternoon at the school alerting students about the deaths.

“It’s just horrible, and my heart goes out to the family,” Blake said.

The superintendent for the Roswell School District said a crisis management team has been sent to Goddard High to help students and teachers and staff through this difficult time. They will offer counseling to students and teachers as long as it is needed.